Q: How much salt is in the spice mix?

A: All of our spices are low sodium with a low salt to herbs ratio. Our products does contain salt but are not salty.

Q: Is it spicy?

A: No. The flavor is mild and also kid friendly.

Q: Is this only good on seafood?

A: Although it tastes great on seafood, the Meta Spice serves as an all-purpose seasoning. The spice is good on chicken, turkey, vegetables, beef, fries, cold salads etc.

Q: How many servings does the Saucey Seven serve?

A: 2-3 people depending on size of seafood bags.

Q: Should I add anything else to it?

A: It is not recommended to add extra ingredients to the Meta Spice blend. Please refer to directions of use on the back of the Saucey Seven package.

Q: How much is in one bag?

A: 8 oz