"Meta Spice"

What is Meta Spice? Meta Spice is a perfect homemade blend of 7 different premium spices. The flavor is bold and has a very mild kick! These are Chef Meta's favorite go-to spices, married together for a very unique flavor.

Premium Blended Spices

Get a close up of all the beautiful spices before the blending process! Every batch is strategically measured to ensure consistency.

chef meta saucey seven

"Saucey Seven"

Chef Meta's Saucey Seven is the famously known sauce for seafood bags. It's made with Meta Spice, butter, and garlic. The Saucey Seven has a unique flavor and has become a fan favorite to all families and even kids! Don't worry, directions on how to make the sauce is located on the back.


"It's The Sauce For Me" - Mukbangers

When you think seafood boils; crab legs, lobster tails, shrimp, potatoes, sausage, corn-think Saucy Seven! The absolute most perfect combination!

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Meet Chef Meta

Chef Meta is just a kid from East Cleveland, Ohio that found passion in the kitchen. As a child, Chef Meta began cooking with his Mother and Father. Glued to the kitchen, he would assist them with frying chicken, washing greens, peeling potatoes, cutting onions, or whatever they needed help with. He later went on to pursue a career as a Chef by enrolling in Shaw High School Career and Tech Culinary Arts class. A two year program that only hosted juniors & seniors which later led him to the well known LeCordon Bleu (Pennsylvania Culinary Institute). He now has 11 different cuisines under his belt from his 15+ years of experience. Those cuisines he learned are Italian, French, Creole, Asian, Thai, American, Korean, Vietnamese, Greek, Indian, and Jamaican. Chef Meta is a great chef who loves cooking and teaching others how to perfect their craft in all aspects of the kitchen.

Chef Meta